Call for Papers

Tangible interaction and gestural interaction are two evolving interaction paradigms that are gaining an increasing interest within the HCI community. In a world where many objects become intelligent, opening the doors to ubiquitous computing, these two interaction paradigms seem particularly promising to exploit two innate human skills: the ability to manipulate objects and the ability to communicate through gestures. A new interaction paradigm, tangible gesture interaction, tries to bridge the benefits offered by tangible interaction and gestural interaction. 
In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to compare benefits of tangible and gestural interaction and to propose advancements in the field of tangible gesture interaction. Indeed, we encourage participants to submit 4 to 6 page position papers (SIGCHI Extended Abstract format) on the following (or related) topics:
- Theory and ground knowledge that frames gestural and tangible interaction 
- Application of existing post-WIMP frameworks in tangible and gestural interaction
- Comparison of gestural and tangible interfaces (user performances, cognitive load, fatigue, learnability, skill development etc.) in specific application domains
- Expressivity of tangible and gestural interfaces
- Physical and psychological implications of human senses and skills involved in tangible and gestural interactions 
- Feedback and feedforward for tangible and gestural interaction
- Novel applications for tangible gesture interfaces
- Theory, frameworks and future visions on tangible gesture interaction 
- Techniques for mixed gesture and object recognition  

Moreover, during the second phase, the workshop offer a playful opportunity to design and develop mockups of new interactive objects. Participants are invited to bring an everyday object that could be transformed into an interactive object through gestures or tangible manipulations. The results of the hands-on phases will be used to compare tangible interaction, gestural interaction and tangible gestural interaction, discussing the qualities and limitations of each paradigm.

After the workshop, extended versions of selected papers can be submitted to the Special Issue "Tangible Meets Gestural" on the MDPI open access journal. There will be no publication fees for workshop participants. 

Please visit the page Submission Instruction for further details.