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Submission to the Special Issue "Tangible Meets Gestural" of the MDPI Open Access Journal are open until April 15, 2015   June 15, 2015.  

Contribution to this special issue is encouraged from different research backgrounds (design, engineering, computing, arts, social sciences, neurosciences, ergonomics, etc.).

Submissions are particularly encouraged from, but not limited to, the participants to the 1st International Workshop on Tangible Gesture Interaction, held during the 9th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI 2015).


***Special Issue Information ***

“Tangible Meets Gestural” is a special issue that aims at comparing tangible interaction, gestural interaction and tangible gesture interaction paradigms.

In particular, this special issue aims at investigating how tangible interaction and gestural interaction can be blended into a richer interaction paradigm that exploits at the same time our ability to communicate through gestures and our ability to manipulate objects of the real world. Indeed, tangible gesture interaction is an emerging field that has been defined in 2011 by Mazalek and van den Hoven as the intersection of the field of tangible interaction and gestural interaction [1].

Because of the novelty of the field, many implications for the design of tangible gesture interactive systems are still unexplored and need to be discussed.


Appropriate topics for the “Tangible Meets Gestural” special issue include but are not limited to:

- Theory and ground knowledge that frames gestural and tangible interaction

- Application of existing post-WIMP frameworks in tangible and gestural interaction

- Comparison of gestural and tangible interfaces (user performances, cognitive load, fatigue, learnability, skill development etc.) in specific application domains

- Expressivity of tangible and gestural interfaces

- Physical and psychological implications of human senses and skills involved in tangible and gestural interactions

- Feedback and feedforward for tangible and gestural interaction

- Novel applications for tangible gesture interfaces

- Theory, frameworks and future visions on tangible gesture interaction

- Techniques for mixed gesture and object recognition


[1] Hoven, E., Mazalek, A.: Grasping gestures: Gesturing with physical artifacts. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. 25, 255–271. (2011)


***Special Issue Deadline***

April 15, 2015


***Special Issue Editors***

Dr. Denis Lalanne

Department of Informatics University of Fribourg Bd de Perolles 90 (B429) CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland


Dr. Omar Abou Khaled

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Fribourg, Switzerland


Associate Prof. Elise van den Hoven

1 Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

2 Industrial Design Department, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands


Dr. Ali Mazalek

Synaesthetic Media Lab, 3 Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada, 4 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA


Prof. Dr. Elena Mugellini

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Fribourg, Switzerland